Cost Breakdown

Each Works Order can be costed multiple times during its lifetime, and is costed automatically as it is first entered.

The Cost Breakdown screen gives a drilldown on each specific costing, to detail each individual cost.

View Costing information

Open: Works Orders > Utilities > File Maintenance > Archived Works Order List

  • Select the View button above the list view.
    • Click on the Costing tab

Or from the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Enquiries > View Archived Works Order

  • Enter the Works Order number
  • Click on the Costing tab

View Cost Breakdown

The Costing History area gives summary details costings, but a more detailed breakdown is available for each costing.

To access a cost breakdown, highlight the costing from the Costing History area, then select View Cost Breakdown. The Cost Breakdown window appears.

  1. To expand the breakdown to include cost headings, components and operations:
    • Click by the Reference to expand an item.
    • Click Expand Allto expand all items.
  2. To collapse the breakdown:
    • Click by the Reference to collapse an item.
    • Click Collapse Allto collapse all items.
  3. To view detailed breakdown, click Detailed View.
  4. To view summary breakdown, click Summary View.
  5. To group operational costs differently, click alongside Group Operational Costs By and choose from:
    • Cost Heading
    • Operation
    • Resource
    • Phase
  6. To provide a breakdown of costs in the BOM hierarchy, select Roll up Sub-Assemblies into Cost Headings.

The check box is either selected or not, by default, based on what you entered in the BOM Settings Costing tab.

When selected, a labour cost on subassembly is represented as a labour cost on the top level BOM, rather than captured as a material cost.

  1. To display the cost values for the BOM, click View Log.

The Costing Log window appears.

  • When you have finished viewing the costing log, click Close.
  1. To view the cost values in a chart, click View Chart.

The Cost Heading Breakdown window appears.

  • When you have finished viewing the chart, click Close.
  1. To print the cost breakdown, click Print.
  2. To close the cost breakdown, click