Purchase Orders for subcontract operations on a Works Order can be managed from within a Works Order, from the Subcontracting tab.

From here, orders can be raised, work in progress and free-issue materials despatched, and completed work received back in.

Once Purchase Orders have been raised they are listed in the Subcontracting tab, making it easy to track their progress.

View Subcontract Purchase Orders

Open: Works Orders > Utilities > File Maintenance > Archived Works Order List

  • Select the View button above the list view
  • Click on the Subcontract tab

From the menu:

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Enquiries > View Archived Works Order

  • Enter the Works Order number
  • Click on the Subcontract tab
Seq The sequence number of the subcontract operation
Reference The reference of the subcontract operation.
Description The description of the subcontract operation.
Order Ref.
The internal reference for the linked Purchase order.
Order Status The status of the linked Purchase order.
Due Date The required date for delivery of the linked Purchase Order.
Order Qty The line quantity of the linked Purchase Order from the subcontractor.


View Details of Subcontract Purchase Orders

  • Click View Details to open the View Subcontract Details
  • The Subcontract Operation Details section shows Works Order and Operation details for the subcontract line

The Subcontract Orders area shows details of all the Subcontract Purchase Orders created for this Works Order.

Order No The Purchase Order number
Line No. The Purchase Order line number
Description The Purchase Order line description
Ordered Qty The Purchase Order quantity ordered
Despatched Qty The quantity despatched to the subcontractor
Completed Qty The Purchase Order quantity received
Purchase Order The Purchase Order reference
Auth The Authorisation status of the Purchase Order
Supplier The Purchase Order supplier reference
Name The Purchase Order supplier name
Order Date The Purchase Order document date
Status The Purchase Order Status


View Subcontract Purchase Order Details

To view further details about the linked Purchase Order, including despatches and receipts, select an order and click View Details.