Commercials Tab

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Utilities > System Set Up > Maintain Works Order Settings | Commercials

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Utilities > System Set Up > View Works Order Settings | Commercials

Use these settings to choose how to process and manage Works Orders.

Note: The View Works Order Settings option allows you to view the settings but not amend them.

Select from the following settings:


Allow Works Order Creation via Sales Order

Tick this setting to allow an option to create a new linked Works Order on the Sales Order line entry screen as a direct fulfilment source for the item.

When the sales order is saved, a new Works Order will be created automatically for every order line with the Create Works Order option ticked.


Allocate Works Order on Goods Receipt

When a Purchase Order line for a standard stock item is received into stock, if this option is ticked, it allows for immediate allocation of the received stock to the linked Works Order(s) awaiting it.

Note: The Purchase Order and Works Order must be linked for auto allocation to happen.  Linking can be achieved by actioning new Purchase Order recommendations in MRP, where the recommendation comes from a Works Order demand.