Documents Tab

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Utilities > System Set Up > Maintain Works Order Settings | Documents

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Utilities > System Set Up > View Works Order Settings | Documents

About Printing Documents

Printing Works Order documentation is often required for various purposes, including material pick list, job sheet, route card, operation card.

The Works Orders module can print as many different documents as required, so that printing a Works Order can produce multiple documents in various formats.

Once documents have been designed, add them into this tab before printing.  As you print Works Orders, any documents that have been setup here will be available to print.

Note: The View Works Order Settings option allows you to view the settings but not amend them.


Add Documents

1. Click Add.

2. Enter the path to the file or click Select File to browse to the file.

Note: You must save files in a network location available to all users.  Use a UNC path to specify the file location, this ensure it is available to all users.

3. The Name of the document is populated from the document selected but can be overridden to a more user-friendly name. The name is visible to users when printing Works Order documents.

4. Enter the Description for the document, for example Picking List. The description will display when printing Works Orders, to describe the purpose of the document.

5. For the document to print only selected orders, the Criteria field must be populated with the name of the criterion used in the layout design which filters the report by the CimWorksOrderID. To get this, amend the layout in Report Designer, open the Criteria screen, select and modify the relevant criterion, copy the value in the Criterion name field.  Paste this name here.

6. Tick Default Printed for this document to be printed by default when printing Works Orders.

7. To save the changes, click Confirm.

Remove Documents

1. Highlight the document to remove.

2. Click Remove.

3. To save the changes, click Save.