Cleardown Works Order Audit Records

Cim200 automatically keeps a log of changes made to stock records, which are visible on the Audit Log tab in the Amend Works Order, Amend Works Order (Elevated Privileges) and View Works Order screens.

As the audit log builds up the list of changes can grow large; it is a useful housekeeping exercise to remove the oldest changes, so that it is easier to see more recent changes.


Cleardown Works Order Audit Records

Open: Cim200 Works Orders > Utilities > System Set Up > Maintain Works Order Settings | General

Click the Cleardown Audit Records button to clear down audit log records.

1. Specify the age range of audit records to remove in the Date Range calendar boxes.

2. To remove all changes made within the specified date range, leave All Users ticked. To remove only changes made by a certain user untick All Users and select the required user on the User Name select list.

3. Click OK to proceed and review the number of records that will be removed.

4. To proceed with the cleardown click Yes. To abort the cleardown click No.