You can use Cim50 to calculate the carbon emissions generated from your manufacturing processes.

There are 2 different modes available in Cim50 for calculating the carbon emissions of products that you manufacture. All calculations result in a “Carbon Cost” defined in KgCO2e (Kilograms of CO2 equivalent) which is calculated when a works order is completed.

You can interrogate your carbon emissions produced during a certain period, offset your emissions if you would like to go carbon neutral, or use the information provided to implement changes into your manufacturing processes to lower your carbon emissions over time.

Carbon Emissions Setup

There are two ways of setting up your carbon emissions within Cim50, either via the Tools > Carbon Emissions Setup option, or via Settings > Carbon Emissions.

The ‘Carbon Emissions Setup’ is a guided setup process that takes you through configuring various options step-by-step. The ‘Carbon Emissions’ option under Settings allows you to manually configure your carbon emissions setup depending on the capture mode you decide to use.

Carbon Emissions Step-by-Step Setup

When you access the Carbon Emissions setup you will be presented with the following screen.

You can select between two modes:

Simple Calculation Mode

Complete Calculation Mode