The BOM Implosion screen shows you where a component or sub-assembly item is used, shown in a structured tree-based view.

To implode an item, select the Stock Code you wish to implode using the drop down at the top of the screen. When a Stock Item has been selected, its description will be displayed in the ‘Description’ field in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The item that you have selected will be displayed at the top of the implosion grid, with each BOM that item is referenced in, being displayed beneath. Where an item is referenced in a sub-assembly, you can see what that sub-assembly is used in by clicking the ‘+’ symbol on the tree structure.

This will then expand the tree structure, adding additional rows for the BOM items that the sub-assembly is used in.

Implosion Grid

The implosion grid contains the following information:

Bill of Material Structure: This column contains the items in the BOM Structure. The top row of the grid is the item that is being imploded.

The items listed are colour coded based on the item type and colour codes defined in the Bill of Material Settings.

You can expand or collapse the structure using the ‘+’ and ‘– ‘symbols within the tree grid view.

Description: The item description.

Seq.: The item sequence within the relevant BOM components.

Quantity: The quantity defined on the relevant BOM record.

Unit: The unit of measure defined on the relevant BOM record.

Button Options

Expand All: Pressing this button expands the tree grid view, opening every sub-assembly listed.

Collapse All: Pressing this button collapses the tree grid view.

View Bill of Material: This button is only visible if the item you have selected in the grid view has a BOM and you have permission to view a BOM. Pressing this button will open the BOM record in the ‘View BOM’ screen.

View Stock Record: This button is only visible if you have permission to view a Stock Record. Pressing this button will open the Stock Record in the ‘View Stock Record’ screen.

Send to Excel: The send to excel button exports the implosion detail displayed in the grid out to excel. The exported information retains the correct BOM level information by replacing the ‘Tree’ view with a ‘Bom Level’ column. Colour coding is retained in the export.

The excel document will open automatically once the export has completed.