Copying a BOM Record

In addition to the New, Amend and View Features, which in the main, share similar screens and fields, there is also the ability to Copy a Bill of Material record.

When this feature is selected you will be presented with the ‘Copy Bill of Material Record’ screen. If a BOM is not selected in the list view before clicking copy, you will be able to select an existing BOM Record from the dropdown list.

You can then select the BOM Reference that you wish to copy the details across to in the ‘New Bill of Material’ section. You will only be able to select from, or type in, a Stock Code that is defined as a Finished Goods or Sub-Assembly item, and where that item does not already have an BOM defined for it.

Once selected, there is a choice of which sections of the BOM Record can be copied from the existing BOM, to the new.

To copy the existing BOM Record click the Copy button. You will then be presented with the following screen, allowing for all existing data fields to be amended.

Once the data entry is completed, you have the option to Save or Cancel the newly created BOM Record, in the same way as the New and Amend BOM Record features.