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Bill of Materials List

As with all the modules within Cim50, you are provided with a list view of all Bills of Material. This list can be sorted by any column heading, columns added, refreshed to pull through changes, records selected, filtered, searched, and exported to Excel.

All columns, filtering, searching, and excel based functionality associated with the list view, is as per the functionality available from the Stock Control list view, which can be accessed here.

Show ‘In-Progress’ Bills of Material

On the far right, at the top of the Bill of Material list view, there is the option to show ‘In-Progress’ BOMs.

By default, the BOM list does not display Bills of Material that are not yet released for production. Ticking this option will display these BOMs in the list.

As with the Filters and Quick Search, this option can also be combined with these, to filter Bills of Materials that appear in the BOM list view.