Labour Resources

Labour resources are used to record and capture labour times and costs, when manufacturing an item. The Labour resources list contains all currently configured labour resources setup in the system.

Beneath the operations grid there are 3 buttons:

Add: Add a new labour resource.

Edit: Edit the selected labour resource.

Remove: Remove the selected labour resource.

Note: This button is disabled if the labour resource is in use anywhere in the system.

Adding/Editing Labour Resources

The ‘Add/Edit Labour Resource’ screens are identical and contain the following information:

Reference: The labour reference. This is the reference used when entering a labour resource onto an operation on a BOM, Quote, or Works Order. This field must be unique.

Description: The labour description.

Time: The default time used for this operation. This may be ‘0’ by default, as the time is likely to be different on each BOM where this labour resource is used.

Rate: The hourly cost rate for this labour resource.

Capacity Planning Qty: This quantity is used within the capacity planning system and is used to determine how many people are available, from a capacity perspective, within this labour resource.

Instructions: The default labour resource instructions.

Press Save to save the new or amended resource to the database.