Operation Resources

Operation resources are used to record and capture process-based times and costs for manufacturing an item. The operation resources list contains all currently configured operations setup in the system.

There are 2 types of operations:

Standard: Operations carried out in-house, allowing you to capture setup, labour, machine, tooling times, and costs.

Subcontract: Operations carried out externally by sub-contract suppliers. These operations allow you to define multiple suppliers (up to 5), and capture price and quantity breaks for the work that the subcontract supplier carries out.

Beneath the operations grid are 3 buttons:

Add: Add a new operation resource.

Edit: Edit the selected operation resource.

Remove: Remove the selected operation resource.

Note:  This button is disabled if the operation is in use anywhere in the system.

Adding/Editing an Operation Resource

The ‘Add/Edit Operation Resource’ screens are identical, and contain the following information:

Reference: The operation reference. This is the reference used when entering an operation onto a BOM, Quote or Works Order. This field must be unique.

Description: The operation description.

Type: Select between “Standard” or “Subcontract”

Operation Instructions: The default Operation Instructions.

The operation details fields are the default values that will be used when you add the operation to a Bill of Material, Quotation or Works Order.

Note: Full details relating to all of the fields contained with a Operation record can be found within the Bill of Materials Operations section.