Update Resources

There may be scenarios where an update to the resources register needs to be pushed out to all relevant BOMs, without having to update them one at a time.

Updating Labour/Machine/Tooling Resources

When editing a Labour, Machine, or Tooling resource, you will find several check boxes at the bottom of the screen:

Selecting one or more of these check boxes will update any Operations, within the Operations Resource Register, that uses that Labour/Machine/Tooling resource, with the updated value.

Note: This update only applies to the Operations Resources in the Register. It does not automatically filter out to operations on BOMs. Updates to BOMs are handled via the Updating Operation Resources functionality.

Description: Updates the resource description.

Time: Updates the resource time.

Rate: Updates the resource cost rate.

Instructions: Updates the resource instructions.

Updating Operation Resources

Should you wish to push a change through to a resource on all relevant BOMs, click on the Update option from the left-hand menu.

Select the relevant operation(s) you wish to process an update for, by ticking the relevant operations in the grid.

You can then choose what elements of the operation resource records you would like to process an update for, using the checkboxes beneath.

Once you have selected the elements you wish to update, choose Next. You will be presented with a screen that allows you to select the BOMs you would like to push the update out to.

You can search and filter items with the same functionality as searching and filtering on a module list view. To select the BOMs you would like to add an item to, click in the tick box against the relevant BOMs in the far-left hand column.

Note: If you do not have permission to amend locked BOMs, any BOMs that are locked will be removed from the list and cannot be selected.

Once you have selected the BOMs you wish to push the update to, press Update to continue. The selected elements will be updated on the selected BOMs, with a progress bar displayed whilst this is processing.

An entry will be added to the BOM audit log advising that the item was added via the Operations Register update screen.