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MRP is the second and final stage of the planning process.

You can access the MRP functionality from within the Planning module by selecting the MRP Lists option.

The default view when working in MRP is the Recommendation List. You can alter the view via the ‘Current View’ selector at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

As with the other areas of the Planning module, the control buttons for MRP, along with the sub-menus they load, and also the right click menu, will have items enabled/disabled depending on the current list view you are working with, along with the item(s) you have selected within those lists.

The purpose of MRP is to read through the demands currently in the system (as captured by the Demand Schedule), calculate the most efficient way to satisfy that demand (based on stock MRP settings) and provide you with a list of purchase and manufacture recommendations for consideration, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that customer demand is satisfied on time.

You can then interrogate those recommendations, make any adjustments desired before actioning those recommendations, ultimately generating Purchase Orders and Works Orders.