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Splitting MRP Recommendations

There may be circumstances where the system has generated a recommendation that you wish to split into 2 or more recommendations. For example, if you wanted to order from multiple suppliers due to availability, you could split the recommendation to enable you to raise two POs to the two suppliers.

To split a recommendation, highlight it in the MRP Recommendations list and select ‘Split’ from the ‘Process’ menu, or via the right click menu.

This option will only be available if you have selected a single recommendation that has not already been actioned.

Upon selecting split you will be presented with a screen detailing the recommendation details:

To split the recommendation, click into the quantity column on the top line in the grid and adjust the quantity downwards accordingly.

Once you have lowered the quantity, an additional row will be added, where you can confirm the quantity, order date, and due date for the new recommendation.

Each time you enter a quantity, providing the sum is lower than the original recommendation amount, an additional line will be added.

Note: If there are any lines left in with 0, or you accidentally add a line, you can ignore these, they will not be included in the split process.

Once you have entered all the splits you wish, press Save.

You will be returned to the MRP Recommendations list. The recommendation that was split will show a lowered recommended order quantity, and immediately beneath that record (if sorting on Rec. Reference column), you will find the split records with the same recommendation, but with a suffix of /1, /2 etc.

These recommendations can then be amended/actioned separately as required.