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Amending a Quotation Record

Once you have created a Quotation you have the option to amend it. All aspects of the quote can be amended apart from the Quote No, Customer/Prospect Account and Currency, which relates to the customer account (these fields will be greyed out). The Last Updated date is a system-maintained field.

Updates can only be added once the quotation has been saved, so the amend option can be used for this purpose.

There are circumstances when the Quote cannot be amended, such as when a Quotation has been ‘Won‘, ‘Lost‘ or ‘Cancelled

Note: Access to the Amend screen is subject to Access Rights.

Quotation Revision Numbers

You can save multiple revisions of a quotation. When you amend a quotation, to up-issue the quotation, increase the revision number field accordingly:


If you have up issued the revision, when you come to save the quotation you will be presented with the following question:

If you select Yes, the system will generate a new quotation in the list, suffixed with the new revision number. Any previous revisions of the quotation will be marked as ‘Superseded’.

Selecting No would result in the existing revision of the quotation being overwritten with the new revision. You will not be able to amend or view the previous revision after the save has completed. 

Superseded Revisions: There may be scenarios where a customer or prospect wishes to revert back to, or place an order for a previous revision of a quotation. If you choose a superseded revision from the main quotation list and select Amend, you will be presented with the following question:

If you continue, the revision number field will automatically be incremented above the current latest revision, and will make the current revision superseded when saved.