Costing Tab

The Costing tab gives you a detailed Profit & Loss analysis for the whole quotation.

Costing Analysis

The costing analysis breaks down product item costs into material, labour, machine, setup, tooling, subcontract, and overhead costs, based on the quotation quantity specified in the quotation items grid, on the products screen. It also details costs for each of the service/miscellaneous items added to the quotation, with each section sub-totalled, and a total cost.

Revenue Analysis

Revenue is broken down between Product Revenue and Service/Miscellaneous Revenue, with a sub-total for each section, and a Total Revenue figure.

If any net discount has been entered on the quotation, this will be detailed at the bottom of the P&L analysis before an overall profit/loss figure is detailed.

All details from the costing section can be exported to Excel by selecting the Export button.