Price/Quantity Breaks

When you add an item to the grid, a record will also be added to the ‘Pricing/Quantity Breaks’ grid. This grid can be used to add additional price or quantity breaks that you want to offer to the customer/prospect.

The top line in the grid is linked to the quantity specified in the quotation items grid, which is considered the actual quantity you are quoting for.

Print: The print column details whether the price break should be displayed on the customer printed quotation or not.

Quantity: The pricing break quantity.

Unit Cost: The unit cost for this quantity. When you configure an item, the system will automatically recalculate the unit cost for each pricing break quantity you have specified. Purchased items, or items that have not been configured, will default to the ‘Last Cost Price’ held against the stock record.

Markup (%): If you generally quote on a cost plus markup basis, you can use this field to specify the markup percentage you want to make on unit cost. This will default from the ‘Default Item Markup’ specified in the Quotation Settings and if amended will automatically recalculate the price and profit margin percentage accordingly.

Price: The unit price to the customer based on this quantity break. If you wish to amend the price, the markup percentage and profit margin percentage will be automatically recalculated accordingly.

Margin (%): If you generally quote on a minimum profit margin basis, you can use this field to specify the profit margin you want to make on unit cost. This will automatically recalculate the price and markup percentage accordingly.

Total Cost: The total cost for the quantity specified.

Total Value: The total price to the customer for the quantity specified.

Profit: The total profit value based on the quantity specified.

Memo: You can use the memo field to add any notes relevant to the pricing break.

Note: Pricing fields that are amendable are shown below outlined in ‘Red’.

Adding a Pricing Break

To add a Pricing break, simply type a value in the ‘Quantity’ field of the next row that shows ’–‘ in the Quantity column. You can also select the ‘Print’ check box if you wish to print this on the Document.

Selecting Save will allow you to decide if you would like the system to recalculate prices automatically based on the new Quantity. If you want to retain the existing selling price structure, select Yes.

Remove a Pricing Break

You can remove a pricing break by highlighting it in the grid and selecting the Remove button. You cannot remove the default Pricing Break.