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Raising a Prospect Quotation

Raising a Quotation for a Prospect predominantly follows the same steps as a Customer Quotation. Name, Address and Delivery Address must be populated manually, however, unless you are copying from another Prospect Quotation.  All Prospect Quotations default to Standard Vat Rate @20% and Currency GBP. These options can be amended to Vat Rates and Currency that currently exist in Sage 50 Accounts. If you have not selected the correct Vat Rate or Currency at the point of raising the order, this can be amended if the Quote is converted to an Order.

Converting to a Sales Order

To convert a Prospect Quotation to an Order, highlight the Quotation and select Orders in the same way as the Customer Quotation.

When selecting Create, the following message will appear:

When you select OK you will have the opportunity to create a new customer account or select an existing customer account.

If you are creating a new account, you can also change the Tax Code and Currency, if these were not entered correctly at Quotation entry. Once you Select to confirm, you will see the confirmation that the account has been created. If the currency has been amended, you will then see a further message confirming that the Quote will be updated to use the new currency.