Service/Misc Items Tab

The ‘Service & Miscellaneous Items’ screen is used to add additional charges to the quotation that don’t relate to Materials or Operations, such as an Admin Charge. You can configure and maintain the additional charges relative to your requirements in Quotation Settings.

Adding Service & Miscellaneous Items

You can add a service item to the quotation by selecting the next blank line in the grid and selecting, or typing, the relevant code that has been previously setup. Alternatively, you can use the Add button. This will load a screen where you can select the code and add further details in the Description section. You will also be able to enter a Markup % against the Unit Cost with the system calculating the Selling Price (Unit Price).

Amending and Removing Service and Miscellaneous Items

To amend an item simply highlight the item line that you wish to amend and select the Edit button. You can also amend the item line by selecting it within the grid and overtyping the information already entered.

You can remove an item by highlighting it in the grid and selecting the Remove button.