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Raise Purchase Orders

Once you have raised your sales order or proforma order, you will have the option to raise any purchase orders in Sage 50 Accounts for purchased items on the quote. If you use MRP within Cim50, you could skip this step, as MRP will read the sales order and works order demand during the next run. However, should you not have MRP, or wish to raise the orders manually, or if there are non-stock purchased items on the quote, you can raise purchase orders via this tab.

The options are similar with raising works orders, however, with purchased items you also have the option to change the supplier. Simply run through the list and select the check box next to the items that you wish to raise purchase orders for. If you have the same item demand from different configured items on the quotation, the components will show for each configuration. You may want to combine the quantity required, by zeroing out one line and increasing the other. In the example below you can see that ‘LOCK2L’ is showing twice as it is required on both configured items.

Non-Stock Items do not have a supplier by default. If you select a non-stock item to order, and do not enter a supplier, the following message will appear:

Select OK and you will be taken back to the grid where you can then select a supplier to continue.

Once you are happy with your selection and the quantities to order, you can select the Create button which will create the relevant purchase orders.