Print Delivery Note

Once the goods are ready to despatch, a Delivery Note can be printed to be sent with the goods. This will show the Sales Order information, Delivery Address, Sales Order Lines, Quantities and Traceability (Batch and Serial Numbers) details.

Selecting the Delivery Note option with a delivery note highlighted, will show the following Layouts screen, allowing you to select a Delivery Note Layout to Preview, Print, Export or Email:

By default, there are two Delivery Note Layouts available, a standard version, and a Shop Floor Data Capture version which includes barcodes.

Note: These Layouts can be amended to suit your requirements using a full version of Crystal Reports and additional Layouts can be added to the system.

When Preview is selected, the following example Delivery Note appears.

When you return to the Delivery Notes list, the Delivery will be marked are Printed in the list.

Additional Delivery Info

If the setting to Record additional package info is set within Settings> Stock Control Settings> Delivery Notes, you will be prompted with an additional screen prior to the Layouts screen:

This allows the following package and courier information to be entered, recorded, and printed on the Delivery Note layout:

Packed In: How the goods are packaged, for example in a Box or on a Pallet. (Any new entries will be added to the list)

Number of Packages: The number of packages the goods are being despatched in.

Total Weight: The total weight of the shipment in Kilograms (Kg).

Courier: The name of the Courier that will be delivering the goods. (Any new entries will be added to the list)

Consignment Number: The Couriers consignment number for the goods being delivered.

Reference: An additional Reference for the goods being delivered, for example a customer delivery reference to be quoted on a Delivery Note.

Sales Order Memo Lines

Within Settings> Stock Control Settings> Delivery Notes there is a setting ‘Detail sales order memo lines on delivery note’, which determines whether sales order memos should be included and printed on the Delivery Note.

Further details can be found in the Stock Control Settings section of this guide.