Print Picking List

Once a Delivery Note has been created, you can Print a Picking List for the Stores/Warehouse to use to pick the stock before printing the Delivery Note, detailing the Stock Items, Locations, Traceability (Batch and Serials Number) information and boxes. This then provides the option to record the stock picked and return to the Cim50 solution to amend delivery quantities and traceable items that appear on the Delivery Note.

Selecting the Picking List option with a delivery note highlighted, will show the following Layouts screen, allowing you to select a Picking List Layout to Preview, Print, Export or Email.

By default, there is one Picking List available.

Note: This Layout can be amended to suit your requirements using a full version of Crystal Reports and additional Layouts can be added to the system.

When Preview is selected, the following example Picking List appears: