Audit Log Tab

The Audit Log will capture any changes made to a Stock Record in Cim50 and Sage 50 Accounts.

Note: This section is not available within the New Stock Record screen.

The fields within the Stock Record Audit Log grid on this screen are described below:

User: This is the person that carried out the change to the Stock Record.

If the change was carried out in Sage 50 Accounts, the persons name is not captured, as Sage 50 Accounts does not track changes. The change is still recorded within Cim50, however, with a user name of ‘Unknown’.

Note: As well as being able to access all Sage 50 Accounts fields, not knowing who updated a Stock Record is a good reason for companies not to create and amend Products in Sage 50 Accounts.

Date: The date and time the change took place.

Action: Details of the change that took place including the Field Name, Original Value and New Value.

Export to Excel

Within the grid there is the option to right mouse click and Export Data to Excel the contents of the grid to Excel for further review.

With Excel installed on the PC the Stock Record Audit Log will be displayed as follows:

Quick Search

As per the Stock Item List View, in the top righthand of the screen, there is the option to Quick Search for a string across all fields in the Stock Record Audit Log grid.

To reset the search, click the Clear Button.