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Selecting Records and Settings

To access a record in a Cim50 list you just need to select the stock record on the list and choose the relevant feature from the menu bar. If the record is double clicked, it will open in either the View or Amend screen. This will depend on access rights and a setting relevant to the user, which can be found in the Cim50 Settings Menu> Cim50 Settings.

The screen is broken down into the following sections and the fields within them are described below:

Cim50 Settings

Database Version: This details the current database version of this Cim50 company.

Default Screen Mode: Option to set how the double click of a record in list views across Cim50 react. When set to View, double clicking a record will open the view screen and when set to Amend, you will be able to amend the record through the maintenance screen. (This is a user specific setting).

Colour Scheme

Font: This provides you with various font options to use across the Cim50 solution.

Colour Scheme: This allows you to choose a colour scheme that is used across the Cim50 solution.

Note: Both settings are user specific and will require you to log out of Cim50 and back in before they will take effect.