Reports for the Cim50 Stock Control Module are accessed via the Reports feature. These reports generally only relate to Cim50 data. Any Financial or Stock Quantity reporting should be run from Sage 50 Accounts.

When the Reports feature is selected, the following screen appears, and this is broken down into sections on the left-hand menu.

These sections are based on the folder structure within the Cim50 Share on the server.

Reports that relate to each section are contained within the relevant folder.

For example, reports for the General section reside in the ‘General’ folder of the Stock Control Reports.

Included in the structure is a Favourites folder. Reports can be added to this by clicking the Add to Favourites button in the bottom left of the screen.

This will take a copy of the report and move it to the Favourites folder.

Note: Any amendments made to a report that also appears in the Favourites Folder will need to be replaced in the relevant folder, as this is just a copy.

Reports from any section can be Previewed, Printed, Exported or Emailed in the same way as the layouts in previous article.

Note: These Reports can be amended to suit your requirements using a full version of Crystal Reports, and additional Reports can be added to the system.

When Preview is selected, the following example ‘Stock Record Supplier Report’ appears.