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Archive Stock Traceability

Over time, the number of batches and serial numbers in the system will grow, and although most screens have filters in place for hiding old batches/serial numbers, there may be a need to archive your older batches and serial numbers to make it easier to find more recent data, improve performance and speed up maintenance routines.

To archive Batches and Serial Numbers, go to Tools > Stock Control > Archive Stock Traceability Data.

Within the ‘Archive Stock Traceability’ screen, the date can be selected to archive up to (By default this will be 1 year before the current date), and will show you the number of Batches/Serial Numbers that will be archived.

Note: Any batches or serial numbers that are currently, or have been issued to a works order that is still present in the Works Order list (i.e. the works order has not been archived) then those batches or serial numbers will not be able to be archived.

Similarly, any batches or serial numbers that have been despatched on delivery notes that have not yet been updated to invoice will not be able to be archived.

Select Archive.

You will then be asked to confirm that you want to proceed. Click Yes to archive. This will move all the records to be archived, into ‘archive’ tables, clearing down the live data tables.

Note: It is not possible to un-archive a batches or serial numbers.

Depending on the number of batches or serial numbers to be archived, this process may take a few minutes.

When a batch or serial number is archived, a record will be added to the associated stock records audit log, and the batch/serial number notes will be updated advising when the batch was archived and by who.

Viewing Archived Batches/Serial Numbers

You will still be able to view details for archived batches or serial numbers using the Traceability Enquiry