Scrapped Components

When viewing the works order components list, if any components listed have had a scrap transaction processed against them, a ‘Scrap Details’ button will be displayed beneath the component list.

When you click on the ‘Scrap Details’ button, a screen is displayed that details the scrap transactions that have been processed for that item.

This screen contains a list view, which details each scrap transaction that has taken place for that item.

The list view contains the following information:

Stock Code: For non-traceable items, the first column listed will display the stock code.

Batch No. / Serial No.: For traceable items, the first column listed will display the Batch or Serial Numbers that have been scrapped.

Description: The item or batch/serial number description.

Scrapped Qty: The quantity that were scrapped.

Date Scrapped: The date that quantity was scrapped.

Scrapped By: The user that processed the scrap transaction in Cim50.

Beneath the grid is the details relating to the highlighted scrap transaction in the list above. These fields show any information relating to the reason for the scrap transaction, as entered at the time the item was scrapped.