Subcontracting Tab

The subcontracting screen allows you to raise subcontract purchase orders directly from within the works order record.

If there are subcontract operations on the works order, the screen will load detailing the operations that orders can be raised for, with all subcontract supplier info being pulled through from the operation details. Once happy, press the Raise Order(s) button to confirm. The order will then show in the subcontracting grid, with an order reference of ‘TBC’.

Note: The order/s will not be created until the works order is saved.

WO Reference: If Subcontract Purchase Orders are raised, prior to the Works Order being saved, the reference will show as ‘TBC’. If you have raised the Works Order via MRP the reference will show the Works Order Number.

Seq: The sequence No from the works order routings list for the Sub-Contract Operation.

Operation Ref: The reference shown on the Subcontract Operation from the Routings tab.

Operation Description: The description defined on the Subcontract Operation. This will appear by default on the Purchase Order.

Supplier: The preferred supplier set against the operation. This can be changed.

Supplier Name: The name shown against the supplier in Sage 50 Accounts.