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Capacity Planning

To access capacity planning, select Routings > Capacity Planning.

Capacity Planning Criteria

You can plan by Labour, Material, or Groups. Select the items you want to plan, or alternatively tick the Select All option on the bottom left below the grid. The date range required is not the works order start and end date, but the individual operation start and end date. You can view the planner either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Select Confirm to load the planner.

Capacity Planning Graphical View

You can interrogate the load by clicking the Graphical tab on the left. Looking at the chart below you can see that on the 9th September there is 2.30 hours load for Labour code P1 and 2.10 hours load for Labour code P4.

Data View

You can select the Data tab on the left to view the load in hours and minutes. This screen is easier to read if you are loading in many Labour or Machine processes. You can utilise the following buttons to interrogate the data further:

View Works Order: You can click on any works order in the grid and press this button to open the works order.

Refresh: You can reset your capacity planning criteria using this button. This will re-open the ‘Capacity Planning Criteria’ screen, allowing you to select alternative resources, change available capacity, or amend planning periods.

Excel: You can export your capacity planning data to Excel by pressing this button. The export details ‘loading and availability’ for each resource, for each working day, in the selected period.

You can interrogate the current load demand by clicking on the relevant ‘Load’ date you are interested in. The bottom grid will then display all works orders that have demand for that resource on that day.