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Component Analysis

As per the Works Order Analysis, the ‘Component Analysis’ screen allows you to setup a maximum of 20 custom analysis codes that can be recorded against each individual Works Order Component item within a Works Order. These would be used for sorting, reporting, and grouping component records.

To create an analysis code, find the first empty slot in the data grid, type in the unique name of the analysis code that you would like to setup, and choose the type of information you would like to use for that analysis code.

Boolean: True or False values

DateTime: Date values

Numeric: Number values

Text: Text values

Note: If you configure a Component Analysis Code in the Works Order module, and it also exists within the Bill of Materials Component Analysis Codes, the value from the Bill of Material Analysis Code will be pulled through on to the Works Order, when the Works Order is created. The analysis code does not have to exist in the same position in the list, but it must have the same name and type.

Warning: Once an analysis code has been created, it cannot be changed from within the system. Please contact CIM Software support should you require assistance.

Once all setting changes have been made, press Save to commit the changes.