Sage 50 Manufacturing Compatibility- Version 28 and 28.1 of Sage 50 Accounts

15/11/2021 By: Alison Ward

We have recently emailed our Sage 50 Manufacturing client base to advise that we do not recommend upgrading to Sage 50 Accounts Version 28, as we were unsure if it was compatible with Sage 50 Manufacturing.

Since the release of Sage 50 Accounts Version 28 we have been able to confirm that there is a compatibility issue between Sage 50 Manufacturing and Sage 50 Accounts Version 28 and 28.1. This issue will result in Sage 50 Manufacturing users being unable to print any reports or documents or being able to access the Sage 50 Manufacturing at all.

Therefore, we would strongly advise not upgrading Sage 50 Accounts to v28 or v28.1 whilst still using Sage 50 Manufacturing.

Our recommendation would be to migrate to Cim50 Manufacturing, which is fully compatible with Sage 50 Accounts v28, v28.1 and Windows 11.

For more information on Cim50 Manufacturing, please see the recording of a recent webinar we co-hosted with Sage below, which provides further Sage 50 Manufacturing Compatibility information, an overview of the Cim50 solution and details on the migration from Sage 50 Manufacturing to Cim50, along with the features and improvements you may wish to take advantage of.

If you wish to find out more information about the news that Sage 50 Manufacturing is now end of life, please click here.

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