Support Newsletter – May – Cim50 & Sage 50cloud Accounts

03/05/2022 By: Alison Ward

Hello and welcome to the May edition of the CIM Support newsletter.

Having reviewed the support calls received in April 2022 we have found that the help guides below were the most common topic for Sage50cloud Accounts is related to Errors in your Data.

Again for Cim50, we will be introducing you to some of the knowledgebase articles which can be found on our website.

Sage 50cloud Accounts

Have you seen this message when logging into Sage Accounts?

Perhaps you do not understand why it is still there as you have fixed the error?

This message is linked to the scheduled backup, usually taken overnight, so even if you resolve any Sage errors in your Live data, the message will remain until the next day from an error-free backup (unless there is another error).

Sage has confirmed that in future releases this message will no longer be linked to the scheduled backup as it is confusing and generates a lot of support calls.


Introduction to Demand Schedule

The demand schedule is the first stage of the planning process. This is where the demand from the whole system is analysed, and either included within the current planning run, or excluded.

Introduction to MRP

MRP is the second and final stage of the planning process.

You can access the MRP functionality from within the Planning module by selecting the MRP Lists option.

Introduction to Quotes

The Cim50 Quotations module forms part of the Cim50 suite which also includes Stock Control, Bill of Material, Planning, Works Orders, and Shop Floor Data Capture.

We hope these guides will be of assistance, however, if you wish to discuss these further, please contact the support team by clicking the button at the bottom of this newsletter.

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